Truck Sales

Truck Buying Tips, Hints And Advice

Staying across the truck sales market is an essential part of our consultants’ work routine. We watch the statistics on new and used tuck sales to identify trends and stay up-to-date on how prices are tracking across the market. Acquiring this in-depth knowledge over many years, allows us to better advise our customers and provides us with valuable insights on age, condition and value of individual vehicles when negotiating with lenders.

When buying a new truck from the manufacturer or dealer, there is usually little wriggle room on the price. Sourcing a cheap finance deal through us will make the purchase prospect much more attractive.

The used truck market is massive and offers great value across all areas. Online marketplaces have brought the search process right into your hands.

When buying new or used, from a dealer, private seller or at auction, we can assist with many aspects of the process.

  • Quick quotes so you can make quick decisions.
  • Fast approvals process to expedite the sale.
  • Pre-approved finance so you’re well prepared at auction or negotiating price with a private seller.

Contact us to get moving on your truck finance and discuss the options available to sweeten the deal.