Truck Finance

Better Truck Finance Deals

Sourcing the best truck finance online with banks or finance brokers deal can be time-consuming and challenging if you attempt the DIY approach. While you’re on the road trying to work, you’re trying to squeeze in time to call banks, email finance companies for quotes, wait for call backs and then translate the terminology into plain-speak and understand the fine print to make an informed decision.

We offer a simple, easy and proven alternative to DIY truck finance – the expert services of our qualified, experienced and licensed finance brokers to handle all that for you.

You will be designated your own consultant so you have a direct contact to keep you updated on the progress of your application and explain the details and fine print of every loan deal we offer you.

All – Inclusive Service. Time – Saving Process. Guaranteed Cheap Interest Rates.

We provide the full range of commercial finance products, so we will have a loan option that suits your business and your truck.

Fixed Loan Terms. Cheap Interest Rates. Truck Loans

We provide the full range of commercial finance products:-

  • Chattel Mortgage: by far the most commonly used truck finance product as it suits many types of businesses for many truck purchases.
  • Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP): a popular finance facility for businesses using the cash accounting method.
  • Truck Leasing: an off-balance sheet finance option for business that don’t want their truck appearing on their balance sheet as an asset/liability.
  • Rent-to-Own Truck Loans: off-balance sheet option and popular with businesses that need to replace vehicles on a regular basis.

Making the decision as to which finance facility is best suited to your specific business should be made in consultation with your accountant. Considerations include the accounting method that your business implements, how you choose to treat GST, tax deductions and asset depreciation and your balance sheet strategy, as each product differs in these areas.

Our consultants can explain the details of each. Just give us a call!

All the truck finance deals we offer include:

  • Cheap interest rates, fixed for the term of the loan so you can make business plans in advance.
  • Fixed monthly repayments, which we negotiate to suit your cash flow.
  • Fixed loan term so you can drive confidently towards your business targets.
  • No deposit loans – most lenders will not request a deposit. This differs from any deposit the seller may request.

For a ballpark estimate on monthly repayments for a truck you’re looking at buying, head to our online truck loan calculator. It’s quick, easy and free to use.

We can arrange a quick quote on your truck loan or just a discussion around what you have in mind. Contact us to discuss your truck finance with one of our helpful consultants.

No Docs. Low Docs. Bad Credit Truck Loans

If you’re starting a new business or have been operating for some time and have credit issues, that doesn’t have to prevent us from securing you a workable truck loan offer. We have a track record of success in assisting no docs, low docs and bad credit applicants secure great loans.