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When you’re planning to buy a new truck, you need to take an organised and considered approach. Decisions around which truck to buy, where to buy it, selecting your insurer and most importantly securing the best finance deal can be critical to your business success. Impacting both your short-term cash flow and your long-term goals. We’ve brought together an overview of the major aspects of truck buying to assist with your preparation and to make those all- important decisions based on quality industry information.

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Better Truck Finance Deals

Sourcing the best truck loans deal can be time-consuming and challenging if you attempt the DIY approach. While you’re on the road trying to work, you’re trying to squeeze in time to call banks…

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Truck Sales

Staying across the truck sales market is an essential part of our consultants’ work routine. We watch the statistics on new and used tuck sales to identify trends and stay up-to-date on how prices…

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Workable Truck Insurance

Truck insurance premiums can be a major expense for any business and when it is time to make that large annual premium payment – it can require very careful financial management…

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We’ve been operating in the trucking and transport sector for decades. Continually delivering high quality, low priced truck finance deals to small owner-operators, medium companies and large fleet operators. Cheap truck loan deals for businesses operating solely in transport, for contractors and for businesses requiring trucks in their own operations.

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